Monday, November 15, 2010

The NorCal Presidents

The NorCal Presidents came into being with one simple, innocuous post on the The New Bonneville Delphi Forum:

    From: BritWheels 3/5/2003 7:53 pm
    To: ALL (1 of 135)
    OK all you NorCal Bonneville riders, it's time for a little backroad ride. On Saturday March 15 (not coincidentally, my birthday) I'll be takin' a little ride in the East Bay hills. Sure would be nice to ride with a bunch o' Bonnies. Like to join me?
    I'm thinking 5 to 6 hours of hilltop and canyon roads with a stop in one of the parks for lunch (bring your own).

    Plans are flexible, how about meeting in Lafayette for breakfast, say 9 am?

    Any takers?

    BritWheels aka Ted

    01 Bonneville
    02 Sprint ST

    I'm purty sure a fella needs more than one motorcycle.

Even for that very first ride, "herding cats" was required; over 100 follow-ups were written, and the ride eventually took place on April 6, 2003 (also known as March 37th). It didn't take long to recognize kindred spirits, and the Mild Bunch was born, with very simple rules:

    1. There will be a ride every month, and only the President can organize a ride.
    2. After two (later revised to three for unknown reasons) rides, you are a President.
    3. Only new Bonnevilles and variants, and former owners.

Remarkably, these terms have been debated at length, and caused their share of heartaches, but they still speak of the spirit in which we ride. RIDE ON!


  1. Don't know anything about blogging. Like to ride and enjoy the Presidents though. Looks like I'm picking up another day or two of work.

  2. Those old posts (brought back in recent years) were good ones to read. The start of a classic...