Monday, November 15, 2010

Remembering Kari

I must have seen Kari Prager dozens of times at the frequency I was in and out of CalMoto with my 2001 Triumph Bonneville. But the first memory I have is when I showed up for something or other with incredibly obnoxiously loud pipes that Ted had once described as "Evil Loud". I fired that baby up as I was leaving, and I looked over to see Kari pause. He had the appearance of a clean(er) cut businessman and I was expecting stern disapproval, but he gave me an incredibly enthusiastic thumbs up.

His first Cambria outing, it became clear that he was one of us. He talked about his anarchist past, his adventures around the globe, and well, just enjoyed our company. How many people have that honour? He said that Cambria was the most fun he ever had at any rally, and man, he's been around....that's got to mean something.

Kari made it to three Cambrias. I, personally, consider him a President.

Ride On, Kari.


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  1. I met Kari at Cambri in 2007. The most natural rider I have met. He was a costant positive influence on anyone that had the pleasure to meet him. He will be missed.